Zinta Strads

Shiatsu is based on Tradition Chinese Medicine Meridian theory and originated in Japan. Fundamentally mind, body, spirit and emotion are all connected. Shiatsu treats the whole person aiming to harmonize and restore balance.

It's the art of a loving touch; the practitioners touch draws your body's own inner healing intelligence to areas of yourself.

Expect to be Laying on a futon at ground height. A few questions. Then I use my fingers, palms (predominantly), knees, forearms, knees and feet to either release or build energy in areas of your body/ self. I incorporate acupressure points, stretches, rotations, So Tai and various relaxation tequnics.

I completed a 2 year diploma in Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies in 2011 at the Australian Shiatsu College in Melbourne. I was blessed to learn from so many masters of the art. I have been practicing ever since.

Yoga, Somatic therapy and Shiatsu are the three modalities that have helped me greatly transform through my life.

I grew up with Strong Latvian/Estonian and Pagan influences. I have travelled extensively. Music festivals and dance are great joys in my life. Receiving shiatsu treatments is what brings me back home to a balanced and wholesome self. I choose to study it to be able to offer other people the same experience.