Our Journey, Our Story, Our Spirit

23 – 24 January 2021

Artwork by Lakelurnin Ngarri (Racquel Kerr).

Rainbow Serpent Festival 2021

Online Streaming Event

While our festival site and crew heal, and with the uncertainty shrouding the previous year, we are taking a break from our usual event format. However, the festival site, our home, needs love. It’s been hurt. It’s been deserted. It misses you all.

So we return to Lexton, to stream from the Rainbow Serpent Festival site. This stream is unlike all the others. It is uniquely Rainbow in its heart and soul. It tells a story. A tale of the land; Of destruction and resurrection; Of reconciliation and healing.

This is an offering of everything we love about Rainbow Serpent Festival as we walk forward with courage and evolve with renewed hope.

Gather your crew and join us….

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Saturday 23 January

17:00 Kaya Project
19:00 Tanderrum – Opening Ceremony
20:00 Monkey Marc
21:00 Austero
22:00 Spoonbill
23:00 Kodiak Kid

Sunday 24 January

00:00 Mortisville Soundsystem
01:00 Boogs
02:30 Smilk
03:30 Ozzy
05:00 Megapixel
06:30 Space Tribe
08:00 Atmos
09:30 Perfect Stranger
11:00 GMJ & Matter
12:30 Uone
13:30 Bec Grenfell
14:30 Augmented
15:30 James Monro
17:00 Kasey Taylor
18:00 Dnox
20:00 John Monkman

We dive deep into the origins of the Rainbow Serpent dreaming, told by Traditional Custodians of Arnhem Land Larry Giririwiwi and family, accompanied by dances and a special Smoking Ceremony to heal the land.

Music makes the world go round and the celebration come to life. Rainbow’s favourite international and local DJ’s join us for 24 hours of thumping dub, glitch techno and trance. Full line up coming soon.

Rainbow Serpent would not be complete without tasty visual treats to delight the senses. Meet us online at The Chill Stage to see what’s happening.


We’d like to thank our partners Rainbow Arts and Culture Foundation, Regional Arts Victoria and Unite Project for their collaboration and belief in this project.

Most of all, we’d like to thank our dedicated community, your ongoing support makes our efforts worthwhile. This is a Pay As You Feel event. Please consider supporting us to cover costs and ensure we can continue the Rainbow magic into the future. 

Make a Pay as You Feel contribution

Rainbow holds a special place for many of us, it’s where we have found ourselves, our community and deeper meaning.

The events of the past year have had a significant impact on our organisation and future. Pick up some rare quality merch to support Rainbow and the Beaufort and Lexton communities in the process.

Help keep the Rainbow magic alive.