2018 Waste & Sustainability Report

Rainbow Serpent as a Festival upholds strong and committed values when it comes to minimising the toll our beautiful festival has on the earth each year. While we do everything we can behind the scenes to make sure best practise is practised, and sustainability is considered in every part of the event, we also rely on you to do your bit.

While so many did an amazing job of putting things in the right bin, and cleaning up the dancefloors, the campsites were messier than they've ever been after the festival. While we were able to recycle more than we ever have before, more things found their way to landfill than ever before as well. The Waste & Sustainability Team worked tremendously hard around the clock to sort and save what we could from ending up in the dump, but this year we had our work cut out for us. Hundreds upon hundreds of marquee frames stood like broken skeletons in the campsites after everybody left, along with other cheap camping gear bits. This is a firm reminder that in order to reduce waste, preperation before the festival and owning quality camping gear will save excessive amounts of landfill.



While it is disappointing to see the amount of Landfill increasing significantly, it is also a benchmark to improve on. Rainbow Serpent festival is about having a great and memorable time, which should never have to include harming the environment. Making an effort to see 2019 as Rainbow's cleanest, greenest year yet will take everybody stepping up to the challenge of sustainability.

The introduction of Reusable Rainbow saw a new and exciting element of sustainability added to our already extensive operation. More than 10,000 cups, plates and bowls were saved from landfill this year by washin' instead of tossin' our reusables. This is an amazing result for a brand new system, and one that we are exciting about expanding to many more stalls in 2019.

We’d like to hear your top tip on Creating No Waste for the festival, whether it’s making your food nude and stripping it of its plastic wrapping before you pack, or hosting a leftover brunch on Monday morning using all those tasty morsels you just didn’t get round to eating on Saturday night. Anything that you do before or during the festival which Create's No Waste we want to know about!