2019 Waste & Sustainability Report

2019 was a disappointing year when talking about waste at Rainbow. We suffered great losses in our Reusable Rainbow crockery system, between 45% of plates were not returned and 65% of the cups are missing in action. That means an overhaul, with a monetary deposit on cups and plates being highly likely for 2020. Because we’re not giving up on washing up.

And despite an extra 20 People of the Planet, spreading information face to face, campers still left over 50 tonnes of wasted resources behind. Yes, less than in 2018 by about 15 tonnes, which is a great change BUT IT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

We have to change the way we do this festival thing. Accepting trashed campsites as ‘just part of festival life’ isn’t what we’re about. The Create No Waste ethos is a call to arms, a challenge and it’s not easy. As we have seen.

You guys are capable of change. You tidied your campsites this year. Next you need to bring less. Less plastic packaging on your snacks. Less cheap camping chairs. Less ego, you can pick that up if you see someone drop it. Less single use fancy dress. Less poorly made tents. Less food you’re not going to eat or share. Less inhibitions about standing up for what you know is right.

And then, you need to do more.

Educate yourselves on how mircoplastics like body glitter contaminate the environment. Be curious how the recycling systems work at Rainbow. Participate in every dance floor clean up. Prepare some washcloths to use instead of plastic baby wipes. Commit yourself to picking up every single butt and bottle cap you see on the ground. Think ahead and lay-by that durable tent. Learn how to fix things. Inspire everyone you camp with to Create No Waste.