A Message From Adriana Buccianti

Dear Rainbow family and friends,

How fast has time gone.

With Xmas and NY over, some of you have made NY resolutions that may include attending Rainbow. I know for my son, Dan, that this time of the year was very special as he looked forward to spending four days in the bush with like-minded people on the dance floor and enjoying the opportunity to be his authentic self.

Nothing brings people closer together than a sense of belonging to a community like Rainbow's; not to mention the great music. That sense of togetherness and celebration is certainly  something to aspire to in this sometimes bleak world. Remember that the universe loves us all and connects us in ways we cannot always imagine.

In life generally, and at Rainbow, some of us search for personal experiences that enable us to feel individual and unique to the world. Sadly, some of us search for these personal experiences assisted by substances that have the capacity to end life. It's not my intention to be a downer. I too am a child of the universe and the 70s. I know the feeling and have also walked the path of finding self.

Instead, my intention is to send you all as much love, stamina, courage and integrity to spend time at Rainbow while encouraging you all to consider making wise decisions in order to achieve your personal experiences. At this time in our history, there are no safety precautions to test any substances you may choose to ingest. One pill can kill, my loved ones. It’s the truth. Dan loved going to Rainbow but he chose unwisely and paid the ultimate price.

I need you all to make yourself a promise to have a great time discover who you are, but go home to those who love and care about you.

There are precautions and harm reduction strategies you can arm yourself with but nothing else beats your determination and self care.

My promise to you all is simply this; I, together with others, will ensure that a safety net like pill testing will never be off the community radar but front and centre. I am determined to ensure Dan did not die in vain to be just a statistic. Nothing happens by accident, it’s all in the design and I promise to fight for your safety until the end of days or sensible drugs policy; whatever comes first.

I wish you a wonderful Rainbow. While you dance, Dan's spirit is alive.

Much love to you all.
Forever yours, Adrianna aka Dazzles mum xox