About the Rainbow Serpent Festival

Over 23 years, Rainbow Serpent Festival has grown from a small gathering of friends to a cast of thousands celebrating life, music, arts and culture just a two hour drive from Melbourne. The Briody Family, local Pyrenees communities and the Traditional Owners of the Land have welcomed us all each year to the town of Lexton, as people travel from all over the world to experience an explosion of colour and creativity.

It is more than just a music, arts and lifestyle festival. It’s a community of people with shared values seeking connection, creativity, celebration and growth. An opportunity to find each other, find ourselves and find meaning.

We are all, individually, one thread in the rich tapestry of that community. Bound together, united by shared values and experiences, we create the whole.

We are all one. We are all Rainbow.

Our Future

In December 2019 a bushfire engulfed the festival site, causing significant damage to permanent infrastructure and surrounding forest. After rescheduling our event to Easter, the world then found itself in the middle of a global pandemic.

With so much uncertainty, it’s been a challenging year for us all. However, in adversity there is hope. We have been using this time to take stock and reflect on our journey as an organisation, on what Rainbow Serpent Festival has meant to us all, and how we can build an even better festival into the future.

Rainbow’s home has been recovering wonderfully this year and will be waiting to welcome you all back once again.

Our Values

Values reflect our sense of right and wrong, help us grow and develop to create the future we want. They are the decisions we make, how we treat each other and the world around us, and how we wish to be treated. Shared values set an intention, creating space for ourselves, our organisation and our community, to come together and celebrate!


– Expression through art
– Innovate and break boundaries
– Explore the unknown


– Connection to one another
– Caring for those around you
– Respecting diversity


– Caring for the environment
– Courage to face challenges
– Willingness to learn

Our Team

Rainbow Serpent Festival would like to extend a huge thank you to our talented and dedicated artists, musicians, presenters, volunteers, staff and senior management team, that each year pull out all the stops to create the best festival experience for us all. It takes a village to make a festival and it wouldn’t be Rainbow without you.

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