Application FAQs


Applications for RSF 2020 will open in July


Online applications make the process of reviewing, selecting and communicating with performers, volunteers and market stall owners much easier.  Our online system allows applicants to provide us with up to date information to be used in the selection process and promotion of the event.  In order to be considered for inclusion in our 2019 festival you MUST submit an application form.

Please read through the below information BEFORE submitting an application.


Our system is NOT compatible with Internet Explorer so please ensure you are using Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc for best results

Yes. If you are applying to contribute to our festival you must be a registered member on our website.

Please use the buttons at the top of the webpage to sign in.

If you are not signed in before you click on the start your application button, you will be prompted to sign in and you will need to navigate back to the application page to begin your application.

If you are applying for the first time and creating a new account, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IS CORRECT before submitting. 

The first section of the application form is what the public will see once your application has been announced. Please ensure the text and images you enter here promote your act in a short concise way. If you would like to send us technical information & drawings to support your application, please enter them in the correct fields in the section 2 of the application form.

The information you provide in this area of the application form will be viewable by the public.

  • Act / Stall Name
  • Tell the public about ... (200 words max.)
  • Photo upload
  • Social Media and other online support

You can upload up to four images, please make sure they are good quality images under 8mb in size each.

The image specifications are outlined near the upload tool. If you are uploading an image taken from a camera be mindful of the image size - hi-res images can get quite large and take a while to upload. If your images are too big (taken straight from a camera), or the wrong format check out these free online tools to pre-process your images so they can be uploaded in your application.

Free online tool for image resizing >>

If you are applying as a dj / live act / band you will need to provide some sound samples. One of the best ways to do this is to set up a SoundCloud account that lets you host your music for free. Please make sure that the music samples/mixes you upload are downloadable so we can check them out.

Sound Cloud >>

Successful Work for a ticket applications will not be viewable on the website, all submitted information is for RSF Staff only and will be kept private.

The information you provide in this section is viewable only by Rainbow Serpent HQ and is used to contact you with your application status. We value your privacy and will not pass on any information to any third party.


The third section of your application form is where you tell us all the nitty gritty about your act/stall etc. The more information you can provide the better chance you will have of application success! This information is also only viewable by Rainbow Serpent HQ and will not be released to the public. You can upload technical specifications & drawings and any other supporting document that will help us approve your application.  
Your previous years' applications have been removed from our database as we are now using a brand new application system.
Everyone wanting to apply to participate at Rainbow 2019 will need to complete a new application form.
Your 2019 application will be available for you to edit and resubmit for our 2020 festival.
Once you have submitted your application you will receive an on screen success message and you will immediately receive an email with further details.


You can also navigate to MY ACCOUNT and click on the MY APPLICATIONS tab.
Your application will appear in the list with a SUBMITTED status.

You can log in to your RSF Member account at any time to see the the status of all your submitted applications.
Just navigate to MY ACCOUNT > MY APPLICATIONS and you will see a list of all applications and their current progress in the approval process.

If you want to edit any of your applications, please navigate to MY ACCOUNT and click on the MY APPLICATIONS tab. Here you will see all of your submitted applications and their current status.

If your application is still in SUBMITTED mode you can click on the application title and your application will open up on your screen. Please make whatever changes you require and don't forget to click SAVE at the very bottom of the application.

If your application has a different STATUS then you are unable to edit your application.

If your application has an ANNOUNCED status you will be unable to make any changes to your application. In exceptional circumstances you can contact the appropriate department manager via the contact form on our website however they are under no obligation at this point to make changes to your application.

If you get an error upon submitting your application we recommend you try the following steps:

  • Our system is not compatible with Internet Explorer so please ensure you are using Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc for best results
  • Do not copy/paste text straight from a Microsoft Word document into the application fields, using a plain text editor and converting your file to PLAIN TEXT strips out all of the hidden Microsoft code and uploads your text a lot cleaner. Or better yet just type your bio text straight into the text fields.
  • Check that the files you are uploading are under 8mb in size each.
  • You do not have to click the PREVIEW button once you have selected your files from your computer, the SUBMIT button at the end does all the work for you.
  • Try saving your Microsoft Word documents as PDFs before uploading.
  • Do not use accents in your name.
  • Do not use any emojis, please just use plain text 🙂
  • Only enter numbers in the REQUESTED FEE section


If you encounter an error please contact Heidi via with as much information as possible about your issue.

Please let us know

  • what browser are you are using
  • are you using a desktop/laptop computer or a phone
  • if desktop/laptop, is it PC or Mac
  • if a phone, is it Android or iOS


Something went wrong.
Please try again.

If you see this message on your screen after you have submitted your application please check the above section I AM HAVING PROBLEMS SUBMITTING MY APPLICATION, there are tips there to help you troubleshoot your application.

Once you have submitted your application you will see a SUCCESS message on your screen and you will immediately receive an email confirmation from our application system. If you have not received your email, please check your junk/spam folder. If you still cannot locate the email, it is probably on holiday in the Bahamas drinking cocktails (half its luck!). A copy of the email is below for your reference. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Thank you for your Rainbow Serpent Festival Music Application. If you would like to track the status of your application or make any changes, please sign in to our website and access your applications via the “My Account” link at the top of the web page. Changes to your application can only be made while it has a "submitted" status. We often make late additions to the lineup and your application may be shortlisted or approved closer to the festival date, however we advise you to proceed with booking any travel and purchasing festival tickets to avoid disappointment if your application is unsuccessful. Due to the large amount of applications received each year we are unable to respond to each applicant individually. Successful applicants will be contacted at the time of booking, all unsuccessful applicants will be notified by mid-December.
To find out more about each application and the criteria required, please contact the department manager via our website CONTACT FORM


Emailed queries and requests will be answered, however please be patient as there is usually a high demand for all applications.