Stephen Ives


The Hattree is an fun interactive sculpture that invites people to take on a different persona via a collection of ridiculous cartoon hats and props. Inspired by a 1950's Bugs Bunny cartoon called 'Bugs Bonnets' ( where the premise is suggested that we are what we wear and furthered by my own personal belief that we decorate ourselves and our world according to the filters of our mind, The Hattree is a play space for all ages. Take a selfie, have a conversation with your Viking neighbour about their hairdresser or chat with the Bear about fishing, run off a few lines of your favourite play or nursery rhyme just stand there and laugh at yourself and each other, The Hattree welcomes all.

Stephen Ives was born in England in 1970 to an Australian mother and English father, he spent the first twelve years of his life living on the outskirts of the historic town of Lewes before moving to Australia when he was 12. Most of his childhood was spent in a large pile of Lego creating whatever he could imagine, if he wasn’t distracted with this he was running around on the South Downs having adventures, drawing, playing with dolls, Action men and puppets, pressing wild flowers, sword fighting, climbing trees, crashing billy carts, stealing fruit and making bad paper sculpture.
As a teenager in Australia he practiced drawing as well as making model tanks and planes.
He completed his High School Certificate with distinction but failed to get into any fine art courses.

He has had his work exhibited in London, Paris, Brussels, New York, Santa Fe and Copenhagen under the aegis of several galleries.

His work has been bought by collectors in Australia, England, America and Germany as well as some of the foremost art collectors in Denmark including Christian Stadil (Hummel Sport), Lars Christian Brask (EFG International) and the Danske Bank.

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