The Hyper-Shelter is a raised hexagonal seating platform and meeting-place - shaded by day and pulsating with light by night. The shelter has seating for up to 15 people, with 3 feature paintings, a rotating chandelier and at the structure's center: a rift in the space-time continuum! (in the form of an infinity mirror prism table) and to top it off a custom mini-canopy by Tetrik Structures!

Toggles is an inter-dimensional multi-disciplinary Artist currently based in Melbourne, certified with a BFA in Sculpture and also Mechanical engineering (electronics/Robotics.)
He uses a variety of digital fabrication techniques to produce complex interlocking structures which fit together like puzzles to make functional psychedelic playgrounds for all ages: Evolving mysterious, alien influenced worlds through techno-extrapolation - with a keen eye for detail and visual phenomena, using intense colour combinations and woodworking wizardry, while Striving for efficient material use and smart design.
Toggles' work has been featured at Festivals across Australia, including Esoteric, Wild horses, The World Beyond and many more!