Show & Tell


Stellarium is an exploration of the interplay between reflected light, colour and polyhedral geometry.

Stellarium has an outer shell fabricated from interlocking CNC cut plywood with a reflective inner surface. A central, revolving polyhedron is constructed from polycarbonate panels that slowly rotates,

The inner panels are covered with an assortment of graphically patterned and half-silvered mirror and CMY colour films. Patterns of colour and texture are generated as the inner structure rotates.

The artwork casts a morphing pattern of light within the exoskeleton geometry and onto the immediate surrounds.

Primarily designed as a sculptural and decorative piece, it is also intended to act as a way-finding beacon within the wider scale of the site, standing approximately 3m high. Viewed up close, the eye-catching detail and complexity of the installation can be appreciated.

Rob is an electronic engineer with a background in embedded software for audio, video and broadcast. He has designed and constructed a number of personal light-based festival projects.
Saba is an architect with an interest in art. She has recently worked as project architect on an award-winning hospitality project, integrating lighting and AV into a multi-use space.