Chloe Stafford


Capitalists Bloom is an art installation created out of disposable waste and products haven't been recyclable. By creating Australian native flowers out of waste and placing them outside in a vast juxtaposition I hope to show how single use plastic and people's lack of responsibility for recycling and compost is damaging our environment. At RSF audiences will experience a giant gumnut that will light up and create an ambient atmosphere.

Chloe In Colour was created as a creative company and an outlet to design, create, make and produce. Chloe designs and makes clothing, art, sets and lighting for shows. Australian born Chloe uses her love of Australian nature and colours in her works. Chloe likes to creative pieces that are emotive and modern. Her background in theatrical lighting design, set building, art and sewing gives her a wide range of skills to creative unique and handmade works.