Sam Anderson


The Whale Shark is known as the Gypsy of the Deep. They attract souls who are curious, intelligent and open-minded, like the Rainbow Serpent Gathering souls. It is for this reason I chose the whale shark. It is the biggest fish and shark in the world and has markings which look like the night sky, making it a magical fantastic beast to bring to this gathering.
The whale shark will be tactile and suitable for the public to enjoy throughout the day and will create it's own light show at night. The whale shark sculpture is also durable enough for long term outdoor installation.
The whale shark is an ocean wanderer and knows no boundaries and so is truly free, like the rainbow serpent wanderers.

Based in north east Victoria, Sam Anderson has been a full time metal sculptor since 2006. After completing a silver smithing and jewellery design course, Sam started to play with other mediums, which led him into the field of metal sculptures.
Sam’s Sculptures have evolved using mainly recycled materials, much of which came from the old family farm in the beginning. He has made an extensive range of sculptures, from larger than life animal sculptures, to tables, bench’s, lights and many abstract works. People can relate to the sculptures through the materials used……..the essence of the art works.
Sam mainly sells from home, through world of mouth after many years exhibiting at regional and interstate galleries. To see more of Sam’s work and contact details, go to