Olivia Lucia


I propose to make an alluring installation that’s an interactive maze and safe space for patrons to explore and delve into. It will resemble elements of the body with cell-like shapes and maze walls made from tassel curtains. With the vibrations of the festival grounds giving those inside a sense of a beating heart whilst in the playful space away from the dance floors. Within the maze, I see an inviting retreat area, with a chill space surrounded by drooping bean bags to melt into. These bean bags will be like giant warm hugs sinking down from the top of the installation.

This piece will draw patrons in to play and explore, whilst also being a space to stumble upon and get lost in (not literally of course. The maze walls are transparent ensuring it’s a place for people to feel safe and to prevent late night wanderers from getting trapped) But for everyone to flow through at their own pace, with there being no beginning or end, just a series of openings and plush places to burrow away when needed throughout the festival.

Endothelial Maze invites you to play and get lost for a while exploring its tactile layers surrounded by the beating earth Rainbow Serpent sits on.

My works are simulations of what I invasion the interior of the body is like. But with an abstracted approach that simplifies this vision into a series of organic shapes and warm colour

I construct works that invite the viewer to interact with the space and become immersed within it. I’m obsessed with the anatomy and physiology of the human body and that obsession is evident in everything I produce.

For me the success of an installation work is achieved when I see people immersing themselves with it and completely losing themselves to the sights and sounds surrounding them. Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone give in to the urge to touch and squeeze my work.

Endothelial Maze is a combination of my fine art training and current health science education morphing into one immersive outcome.