Glitzern Grime



Glitzern Grime are thrilled to be bringing their bold, unique vision back to their favourite Australian festival for a second rendition in twenty-twenty. These Melbourne based international stage design specialists are known for their bold, charismatic style and passionate attention to detail.
In this year’s Market Stage design they have brought forward their love of colour, texture and shape into a striking architectural structure to create an extraordinary environment that unites us all.

Glitzern Grime is a Melbourne based creative production company specialising in 3D
Architectural designs and captivating stages. This crew has evolved into a squad of skilled creatives at the top of their game, working with textile, graphic, colour, shape and form.
Glitzern Grime brings a creative and sumptuous energy through a wide range of applications, with ample knowledge and an impeccable eye for detail on every project they embark upon.
They are known for challenging the common with continuous reflection on the old and new and anticipating the needs of their surroundings.
‘Inspire and be inspired’, is what they aspire too. Constant learning from their unconventional team is what excites them. From the smallest art project to the biggest of stages, Glitzern Grime aim to create a world that is weirdly wonderful.
At Glitzern Grime, design is a lifestyle.