The Lanternist

Lantasia Lights


Lantasia Lights are large scale sculptural lanterns. The lanterns have been designed by illustrator/designer Tyson Savanah (AKA Father Marker) and handcrafted into metal sculptures, illuminated with LED lights and encased in silk skin. The designs represent the diverse fauna and flora found throughout Australia, with frogs, butterflies, gumnuts and caterpillars all coming to life.

The Lanternist is the love child of Melbourne based illustrator/designer Tyson Savanah and partner Evie Wittingslow. Born from a desire to enhance the natural beauty of their family wetlands and gardens in the evenings, and growing to include over 80 individual lanterns, The Lanternist was created through Tyson and Evie’s combined skill set of industrial design, illustration, styling and production. The Lanternist blends traditional lantern design, sculpture and illustration to create luminous pieces of art.