Myriad marc pascal

Myriad lights


I propose to create multiple ambient lighting spaces at strategic spots all over the festival site, these lights will link the spaces and allow the night scape to flow.
My lighting installations are conceived and made by my studio, they are unique.
A huge chandelier behind the market Stage will create a focal point, this year it will grow with three Saturn rings surrounding it like ripples in water new sequencing will bring surprises.
A laser will reflect beams of pure colour in a contemplative way, set on a super slow and every now and then super fast sequences, it will sooth and surprise you. The Hammock area will be dripping with gentle optic fibres, overhead a big led string will sing.
Sunset will have a new Madrix controlled led string suspended on a tilt, this string will pulse and throb delicately.
Along the forest line past the Dingo to the memorial tree will be new led strings draped from tall poles, these will be a welcome and dramatic use of light.
From the memorial Tree will suspend the Infinity symbol in lights.
the Lifestyle will have a multicolour string leading to the indigenous space.
Tensegrity structures using dmx tubes will appear somewhere to be determined...
I may be beaming gentle laser ballet beams at the Chill be confirmed.
My lighting installations create cocoons of light that hold the space and allow people to navigate and feel safe at night.

I am a product designer with my own practise of "made to order" lighting designs. I work in multiple materials. i am fascinated with L I G H T & C O L O U R.. I particularly love working in a festival environment as it is such a dramatic and inspiring environment. I have been lighting rainbow Serpent for a decade!
My crew are all talented and creative individuals that make my dreaming possible - thank you