Illuminated Pathways


After having a break from festival décor Creatura is creating a range of new decor for the summer of 2019. This timing would give your festival the option of having decor customised to your festival with your own choice of colours.

Rather than focusing on a stage Creaturas décor works well spread throughout the festival spreading color and texture to the entire site. We can also focus around the stages as well. I am totally open to ideas of where it can be used.
A new design I am planning on creating this season is a range of massive festival flags which will be 2m-3m high which will add loads of colour and be seen from a long distance away.

I have a power point to go with the application which gives you a better idea of what im working on.

An idea of the decor i will be providing
200m blue bunting
200m purple and teal bunting
200m white bunting
200m green bunting
10 x 3m flags (can be custom)
10 x 2m flags
10x 1.5m flags
10x fabric lanterns (can be custom)

Step into a world where chaos reigns, illusions are truth and dreams become a reality through the artistry and vision that is Pixie Lou and her hyper-creative brainchild; Creature. Constantly weaving webs of creation, Pixie Lou’s style has always had one message – Let’s get weird. Emanating from the Australian bass culture and nestled in the underground scene of Melbourne Australia, Pixie Lou takes influence from the radical self expression that thrives within these landscapes. She surrounds herself with cutting edge artists and is constantly inspired by people who find new and captivating ways of expressing themselves.