Sun set stage decor

Australia, Japan

Our installations put a mixture of natural resources , wastes,garbage, organic
and inorganic images based on animism concept.

1977 born in Tokyo
2001 garaduated Photography Section of College of Art at Nihon University
2012 based on Tokyo

1978 born in toyama
1998 graduated Osaka spesial shcool of music

1997~ started create decoration for japanese rave party organizer "EQUINOX"
1998 Planet Maya at Melbourne / Australia
2004~12 Nagisa Music Festival at Japan
2005 Rocket Festival at Spain
2005~12 Space Gathering at Japan
2006~7.10~12 Fuji rock Festival at Japan
2007 Earth Core at Melborne / Australia
2007~12 Summer Sonic at Japan
2007~16 Maitreya Art &Music Festival at Melborne / Australia
2008~12 Rainbow Serpent Festival at Melborne / Australia
2009 Total Eclipse Art & Music Festival at Amami island / Japan
2009~12 Earth Freq at SQL / Australia
2012 Total Eclipse Art &Music Festival at NQL / Australia
2012 InterNational Art Festival BEPPU Triennial at Beppu / Japan
2017 Total Eclipse @Oregon
2011,17,18 Strawberry Fields Festival
2017 Pitch Festival