United States

Martin Taylor and the Chromaforms Art Collective

Martin Taylor is a graduate of UC Berkeley with a degree in mechanical engineering. A lifelong artist and inventor, Martin is interested in projects that combine design, artistry, and engineering to advance social causes. While studying at UC Berkeley Martin and some other students founded a solar car team, which designed, built, and raced a solar powered electric vehicle across the continent of Australia using only the sun. One of his earliest art projects, “The Zoa” explores how intriguing objects can help adults reconnect with their inner child and rediscover their sense of wonder and play.

After practicing art full time for less than a year, Martin was awarded an Honoraria grant from the Burning Man Foundation to build “Re-Cyclone,” a 20’ tall tornado sculpture made from 5000 plastic water bottles that lit up with LEDs when turned by participants. In order to collect the bottles and create this colossal work, Martin founded the Chromaforms Collective, inspiring his friends and family to turn plastic waste into art and use their creativity to solve pressing environmental challenges.