Clayton Blake

Perpetual Consumption Apparatus


Australian born Clayton Blake is an installation artist widely recognized for his extraordinary works that employ various elements of architecture and sculpture. His practice involves adapting everyday objects to specific artistic and architectural applications. Clayton uses ordinary accessible items to create large scale, contemporary installations that challenge and excite. He constructs expansive works that respond to or reflect their environments, whilst challenging and distorting the viewer’s preconceptions of structures and space.

Clayton attempts to expand the definition of art to include new forms of social engagement. He uses his art to promote discussion, encourage debate, and raise awareness about injustice, inequality and social change.

"Clayton is a student of contemporary sculpture and a creator of interesting & thought provoking objects".

Clayton has recently returned from Burning Man USA. The world’s largest outdoor sculpture festival. He was the only Australian artist exhibiting and was recognised in Elle Decor’s “Best Installations 2018” list. He has also exhibited work at Sculpture by the Sea ( Sydney ) and Swell Sculpture ( Gold Coast ) where he was the winner of the Kids Choice Award 2017, Bendigo Bank Artists Peer Award 2016, Neumann Foundation Award 2016 & Kids Choice Award 2016. Clayton also won the prestigious Stipend Award at Harbor Sculpture (Sydney) in 2015.