Suspended Skies


Suspended Skies is a 25m x 25m canopy created for the Chill Temple Stage. My aim while designing this was to create a space in harmony with the existing structure. A piece that would allow you to unwind and relax, and lose yourself within a welcoming sanctuary. The main body of fabric would be made out of hessian with highlighting panels in teal and burgundy. The focal point of the canopy would be the textile chandelier that would be suspended from the centre. Many hours of meticulous cutting and sewing would create this mesmerising and alluring centre piece that would then enchant the people below with its elegant movement with the wind.
I will also be back to freshen up the canopy in the beautiful, legendary nook that is The Sunset Stage.

Kwalia is a contemporary shade design company based out of Melbourne, Australia.
Aiming to create large scale dynamic and multidimensional atmospheres with a strong focus on intricate panelling and attention to detail.
Founder and creator, Jess Lee is driven to create memorable and awe inspiring, futuristic environments and shade structures for festivals and special events across the globe.
With a background in fashion design and experience in freelance sewing for companies such as Do Lab, Vita Motus and Shade Lab Ibiza, Jess has fine tuned the process of creating high quality, durable tensile structures, implementing innovative and modern techniques, creating mesmerising and alluring dance floors to get lost within.