Deja Crew

Whale of a Time


A life-size, interactive whale structure with a semi visible exoskeleton. In this art piece festival goers will be invited to explore the inside of the whale. Entering through the mouth, participants will immerse themselves in a whale’s world through surround sound and light projections.
The soft carpeting of the insides presents a relaxing space to lie down and feel the ethereal ambience as the moving projections light up the inside and take us on a journey through the Pacific. As we close our eyes we can hear the gentle ocean sounds echo across the room. A place to relax, make new friends, and feel closer to nature as we share the world with these creatures we so desperately need to protect.

Deja Crew are back at it after surprising even ourselves with the success of our Love Booth in RSF 2018 and Burning Seed 2018. We are a humble bunch of teachers, builders, doctors and engineers (to name a few!) And our community is growing! We all share the same passion for sustainability, preservation, and love for nature. This year we wish to continue to share the love to festival goers and spread the message to look out for one another, and protect the environment and species we share the world with. We wish to use our new skills and design methods to bring something equally enjoyable and interactive to the Rainbow Serpent 2019!