marc pascal

Myriad by marc pascal


We will be draping the festival site with beautiful strings of light that ignite the night.
All of the elements of my lighting collection are unique and made to work together as a cohesive whole, visually connecting the festival site when darkness sets in. Each light is handmade and designed inhouse by myself and crew.
The lighting collection works to create landmarks in the dark for festival participants, as well as offering sensitive pockets of light that enhance the safety and wellbeing of all who are there.

My lighting design practice spans 3 decades, and my boutique, handmade lights are sold all over the world.
I've been an active participant in lighting festivals for over a decade, bringing my unique skills in design, lighting techniques, and an understanding of the specific needs of sensitive festival lighting to enhance the festival experience. Many, many hours work goes in to conceiving, designing and constructing the lights, before they are installed on site.
My crew are carefully selected for their special skills in building, running and installing these lights.