Katia Honour


Katia Honour is a psychedelic-romantic painter from Melbourne. She devoted her life to spirituality in many forms and as her practice deepened, she began to spontaneously channel through paint.

Most of her paintings are created in Shakti-tantra ashrams, churches and entheogenic communities. Each work is an offering of the disorienting, sensorial and sincere experiences, often obtained through altered states of consciousness.

Katia holds a Masters of Fine Art for her thesis "Stalking Utopia: The Search for Transcendence in Psy-Culture" which explores the art which inspires, reflects and emerges from the ritual use of psychedelic plants. She also has a 4 year mentorship in old master painting techniques in the Fuchs lineage and is the founder of the Visionary Art Atelier, Melbourne.

She is deeply passionate about art as a path of healing, integration and transcendence.... and loves to share this.