I paint dream-like, visionary imagery integrating vibrant colors infused with light, sacred geometry and a touch of magic, using non-hazardous water soluble paints.

Growing up in the prairies of Manitoba, I spent the majority of my time drawing and painting. At a young age I developed skills in portraits, acrylic and graphic design. Inspired by music and worldly travels- color, spirit, and emotions are united to captivate and heal the spectator. My art is about bringing the deep wisdom of our collective ancestral roots into form as a visual tale that can hopefully liberate one's connection to the infinite spirit that flows through all living things. I want visitors to feel what it means to "breathe LOVE" when you embrace the imagery I share on a canvas.

My creative process starts by listening and trusting my intuition for the purpose of inspiring others on their creative paths, encouraging everyone to nurture their talents and dreams.