Benjamin Noah


Visionary, Spiritual-Surrealism and/or new contemporary fine art?

Trained in fine arts from a young age Benjamin has returned to his roots after a long hiatus working as a graphic and web designer.

Benjamin Noah is inspired by nature and shares a deep connection with the rainforests and oceans of his local area. Artistically he is influenced by Salvador Dali, Mark Ryden, James Jean and Mario Martinez to name but a few. His artwork is for the most part channelled from his sub-conscious and reflects his life’s challenges and lessons. Benjamin is passionate about the environment and sustainability with these themes being apparent in his work. Some of his work is more precisely planned with themes evolving over large expanses of time.

Benjamin Noah (McCorquodale) was born in the country town of Mullumbimby. He lived on a remote property where he was mostly raised by his artist grandparents. Benjamin was nurtured as a young artist; he had a natural affinity for art and regularly attended his grandparents’ life drawing sessions. It was his life drawings that first brought Benjamin success in the art world, winning the Easter Arts Classic in 1991 at age 11. During Benjamin’s teenage years he was trained in many mediums of art and sculpture.

Benjamin Noah weaves surrealism and visionary art from his fine-art roots with a nod to the low-brow movement. Delving deep into healing his soul with cathartic personal works, manifesting his future and that of our planet.

His artwork has many levels of deep meaning; some not being aware to the artist until long after the work is complete. His predominant theme is the evolution of the human species as we move into a time of higher consciousness and ecological sustainability. He connects deeply with nature and ancient cultures. His focus now is to create work that inspires humanity to spread love and evolve the systems of the human tapestry.

Based in Mullumbimby, NSW Australia Benjamin is inspired by his son, Forest who is his greatest teacher.