Michael Fuchs


Michael Fuchs was born in Paris, raised in New York City and studied painting with his father Ernst Fuchs and Anton Lehmden at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, earning Masters of Fine Arts in 1976 and Masters of Architecture in 1987.

Michael is especially known for portraits of celebrities, nobility and public leaders and presented his painting of the Holy Family to his Holiness Pope John Paul II. Michael Fuchs studied many old-masters technique, including copper-plate etchings, which have received international recognition.

Michael has taught hundreds of visionary artists, including Amanda Sage, Daniel Mirante and Katia Honour and will be visiting Australia in 2019.

"Art is the very mirror of who we are, our aspirations and hopes, our fears and struggles, our loves and hates.

It reflects our internal self, our dignity and weakness, our inadequacies as well as strengths. Art is therefore a window to a world envisioned by faith alone.

The world of the saints and angels, the heaven of God. It is from the creator that we originate and have our being. And so the world of art we create, that is His gift of inspiration to us. The gift of his tender love.

~Michael Joseph Fuchs