Octopia (Adam One & Luna Charlotte)

Canada, United States

Do you believe in magic? Can impossible be attained? All across the land, tales can be found of an ancient magic that sleeps on the ocean floor, waiting for a time when the world is ready for change. Just below the salty surface lives a society who’s sole purpose is to embody and preserve the most powerful magic in the universe; manifestation. To further protect the mystic secrets from harm, the keepers, or djinn, were hypnotized to believe they were merely shapeshifting sea creatures, what we now call octopus. Stories differ on the hypnotist or origin of the djinn, but all tales converge at a single point in time, when the sleeping magic is awoken again through a collaborative union of human and octopus. That time is ours, and we come to fulfill what the ancients scripts foretold: Octopia rises once more. From below troubled waters we open the portals, and it’s full three heartedly that we bring proof of this ancient art form, so that all may see and believe, magic is real.