Fleassy Malay and the Unspoken Truths


The powerful and empowering spoken word of viral poet, Fleassy Malay, with the edgy, melodic and emotive music of her live band.
Double Bass, Clarinet, Drums, Piano and Guitar with electronic tracks too, they are a varied act with a chilled yet diverse sound. Touching on deeply erotic, political, spiritual and fiercely queer femme vibes this band carries all the strenght of the front woman with the extra oomph and groove of an incredible talented band.

Two times TEDx speaker and viral poet, Fleassy Malay, has teamed up with a band of babes to bring you Fleassy Malay the Unspoken Truths. Spoken Word immersed in the rhythms and melodies of a live band. Fleassy Malay initiates a permission in everyone who witnesses her, an invitation to live more authentically and courageously ourselves. With the added power of a live band, her words hit deeper and truer than ever. Let yourself be taken be the sexy, strong and wild sounds of the Unspoken Truths.