Department of Outdoor Fun Secretaries


Do you ever feel like you need more organisation in your festival? Do you find yourself wandering, aimlessly, wishing you could shape up and write yourself a goddamn list? Do you always lose your mug? Could you do with a few sticky labels? Do you ever just want to sit quietly and write a letter home to mama?

Well, we are here to save your party! Equipped with a full retro office set-up to help you get your shit together, we will achieve a level of organisation you could previously only have dreamed of. From labelling your belongings to removing any unwanted staples, we will even send letters home to your loved ones once the party is over, and generally help you get your party priorities straight.

Make an appointment with the us and we will help you become the organised alternative music, arts & lifestyle festival attendee that you always wished you could be.

"I wasn't sure if there was actually an outcome or service with what you were doing... But you were just confusing people... I loved it." - Twilight Princess

"I liked the bit when you introduced yourselves to the police as "the organisers"." - Barry Love

"Make an appointment. WE'RE CLOSED!" - The DOOF Secretaries