Miss Friby - High Society and other F*ckups!


In a tornado of exotic glamour and fishnets, critically acclaimed avant-showgirl, Miss Friby, will present a wild array of cabaret, burlesque and vaudeville acts. Sharp wit, satirical bite and absurdist performance is on the menu as Miss Friby, dissects humanity and it's graceless empire.

Green Room Award nominee, Fields Award Finalist and even Australia's Got Talent Finalist, Miss Friby is a one woman whirlwind that, year after year, bends the minds of her beloved Rainbow Serpent family with wild and irreverent shows!

In a strange bid to justify every mother f*cking sh*tty thing that ever bloody happened, she presents a bizarre array of high end circus, dance, cabaret, vaudeville and burlesque acts, like any madame, which are oddly refreshing and downright bizarre. See yourself in satire, I dare you.