The Philharmonic Flashboyz / Light Wizard and Sned Music


Pompous, high nosed, classically trained musicians who are sick and tired of playing to corpses at The Royal Melbourne Philharmonic looking for a change of scenery, but are not quite certain how to mingle in their new surroundings. We are unimpressed with electronic music and are desperate to bring “real” music to this situation; we are open to new experiences, and embrace the customs and culture of our newfound friends.

Its not often we get visitors from Her Majesties Imperial Orchestra! Make sure to take advantage when you see these dignified and dapper aristocrats getting around. The Philharmonic Flashboyz are sick and tired of playing to corpses, and are dying to make some new friends. If your lucky they might just play you some of their distinguished tunes; don’t be offended when they don’t like your beats, they are here to teach you a thing a thing or two about “real” music. These refined aristocrats are very stuck in their ways but we are sure you will show them a new way to have fun. They stick out like sore thumbs so make sure to introduce them to your way of life. They might be pretentious and old fashioned…. but they know how to have a good time. Get some culture in ya, and help these old boys dance to the rhythm of a new drum.