His brain doesn’t agree with him and his heart wants to escape... Welcome to the body of Scott Wings. A surreal one-man show, WHIPLASH sees the award winning physical theatre performer and poet do battle with his own self in order to come to a compromise with, um, himself.

Whiplash is a battle for the body. Saying yes to too much ice cream and sleeping in. Saying no to too much ice cream and going to the gym. A proud proclamation of “I don’t know! Help?” Scott Wings has been building a reputation in Melbourne as a unique, hilarious and visceral poetic performer since his move from Brisbane in 2016.Whiplash is his newest one-man show since COLOSSI and Icarus Falling. Scott Wings is the winner of the Best New Theatre award at Adelaide Fringe, nominated for a Total Theatre Award at Edinburgh Fringe and is a Performance Poetry World Cup title holder.