Tipsie Gypsies


Stoke the bonfire and crack open the wine. Find yourself a comfy cushion and prepare to be amazed and entertained. The Tipsie Gypsies’ caravan of tantalizing delights has arrived!
Are you ready to be musical, artistically and spiritually seduced to the boho way of life?

Tipsie Gypsies will be hitching their caravan up to the Fiasco stage at this years Rainbow Serpent Festival. Our motley crew has a exotic show of earthly delights, with a mix of circus, a touch of comical and a whole bunch of vibrant energy. With the cast of characters featuring:
Izzy Bellissima -Hooping Queen of Cheeky
Ukulele Will - The Vagabond
Vanity Vogue - The Pirate Queen
Aurora Flair - The Elemental Tamer
Lucy La Parr - The Temptress.