Harmoneyes brings together the energies of divine harmonics, creating a captivating performance of impromptu soundscapes and harmonic toning. Together, evoking the frequencies of the 3 plains- Earthly, Elemental, and Universal. Intuiting subtle frequencies and communicating them via way of Sound-namely the medicine drum, Tibetan bowls and bells, and voice. Inducing a deep sense of calm, and a heightened sense of awareness to the inner vibrations of the soul-and of the world around.

As a roving performance Harmoneyes engages willing participants in impromptu sound healings in the surrounds of the festival.
Experience has shown sound healing attracts the attention of many people within a conscious crowd; some simply pausing in their conversation to absorb a moment of the calming sounds, while others actually gravitate towards Harmoneyes.

The members of the group surround those participants who appear willing, focusing skills and energies more specifically on them. The sound vibration of the bowl, the steady rhythm of the drum, the melodic chime of the bells and gentle fragrance, will create a lingering harmonious resonance…
With a beautiful ethereal demeanor and presence of the Priestess-Harmoneyes will present an attractive picture, as they move slowly and gracefully through the crowd- with clear interactive intention.