Blankë Pop the Cabaret


The underground carnival where the misfits rule and the cool cats come to play.

Blankë Pop is a home where our Music Makers will take you on a high energy trip through disco, house, afro and techno, and our Booty Shakers will mesmerism and stun with nonstop seamless performances.

Expect to see clowning, burlesque, drag, performance art, acrobatics and much more.

We exist for the weird kids with heart who know how to have fun and live the fantasy that exists within our everyday world.

Blankë Pop is our debaucherously curated extravaganza of integrated performance and high energy electronic beats. It’s a love-in for the misfits and the queers to share what is the most mesmerising in contemporary art of dance music, costuming and performance.

Our performers come from all walks of life and from a wide variety of communities, drawn together through their passion of performance and the creation of a modern eclectic carnival.

Throughout the whole show the stage will never be dull, boasting a carnival fuelled by performers with skills in dance, clowning, acrobatics, performance art, hoops, magic, twirling and drag.

It’s our spectacle where we deplore a passive audience, so strap on your dancing boots and lets shake our booties together!