New Zealand

Hi Team of Rainbow Serpent, my name is Eve Sweetman aka VJ ICU (Team Optrix).

My show combines my hand drawn images cut and stacked together with a host cutting edge computer graphics I’ve acquired through my network of animation artists. Designed especially for the outdoor 3-5 day festival goer, you’ll see images that elevate and entertain. Loading up with colour and movement you’ll be flying through abstract worlds while crunching deep thoughts to a collage of fractalized geometry. Full power, high frame rate, powerful visuals.

I’m primarily a Psytrance VJ, preferring the higher bpm 145+ sounds yet I have experience with Drum & Bass and House. I am very passionate about the whole outdoor music event culture and I love adding my own flare into the art experience. I have created a huge visual show in Resolume over the last few years and I’m comfortable with both screen and mapping installations. Born in New Zealand I trained with VJ Benski of Team Optrix International. I’ve VJ’d the following events: Dimension Festival 2017-2018, Trancevaders Mad Max Sept 2017, Synthony 2017-2018, Weekend Safari 2016 until Now.

I have created a Rainbow Serpent Application and have uploaded it to youtube, please take a look at my mix here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlMQcDlaeWk&t=2191s