Pixel Angel


Pixel Angel's VJ performances transcends the screen taking the audience to an alternate reality. Blending organic and figurative curvature with geometrical forms she meshes together bright sharp colours with high contrast tones. Fusing together animations and moving image Pixel Angel's performances take the audience through a visual journey of movement, colour and cascading light.
Internationally Pixel Angel has performed at the Art-E Festival in Barcelona, Spain, German Poetry Slam in Bogota Columbia, Plano B nightclub in Porto, Portugal. Here in Australia she has delivered visual performances for the The Morning After presents Nick Warren, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Laser Highway, Lucha Fantastica, Tilt Shift, Bikeadelic Bandits of Babylon, Cognitive Dissidence, The Gertrude Street Projection Festival, Motorsoul, Modular, Silhouette, Electundra, Play Native, the Melbourne Music Society and the Vinyl Vixens parties.