Visual artist working with live video performance and animated light projections in experimental ways. This has lead to exploration of projection mapping // audio reactive generative visuals // immersive environments // aerial cinematography // realtime // live video

VJ Radiance hails from Melbourne and has splashed vibrant colours around the world. Her projections have been shown at the Geneva Mapping Festival, Glastonbury Festival UK, VIVID Sydney, White Night Melbourne and at some of Australia's largest music festivals including Splendour in the Grass, Stereosonic, Rainbow Serpent, Strawberry Fields, Let Them Eat Cake and Pitch.

Over this time she has developed her own unique style and signature look driven from landscape and geometry. She finds creative outlet through producing visuals installations, creating video clips, filming and playing with new images.

No stranger to the festival and club circuit, she has been bending pixels since 2010.

“The inspiration behind my sets is to find the relationship between music and images, to merge the both and offer an immersive experience on dance floor for the audiences.”