ASTERISM is a live video-manipulation performance that is spontaneous and responsive to sensory feedback and altering perceptions of reality. Under the moniker ASTERISM, Carla Zimbler captures, dissects and warps imagery to shift boundaries and carve passageways into surreal worlds, building immersive, meditative environments which aid in restorative healing through sound, touch and vision. Audiences are coaxed inside dream-like spaces where video fragments endlessly expand, contract and melt into fluctuating pools of saturated colour projection mapped across sculptural surfaces.

Carla designs large scale video installations, audio-reactive animation and bespoke video art for festivals, runways, stage performances and building façades. Carla began engaging with projection as a medium during study in eastern Iceland in total darkness. It was a way to lighten up bleak surroundings and lift emotional states throughout winter. As a result, Carla started to design and build sensory experiences, meditative spaces and transformative, therapeutic environments for audiences. Carla has most recently exhibited at Distortion Festival (DK), LungA School (ICE), Soft Centre and ACMI and has mixed live at Dour Festival (BEL), Splice Festival (UK), Field Day, NYEOTH, Paradise Festival, Origins of Entropy and New Psycle.