Psychic Medium Milica


Learn how a Psychic Reading can help you heal and grow by expanding your view of the energy that is at play in your life, right now, in this moment. Connect to Your Higher Self and Super Consciousness. I have over 11 years experience in divination readings.

Psychic & Tarot Readings, 7 Chakras Third Eye Scan, 7 Bodies Third Eye Scan (Physical, Pranic, Mental, Etheric, Causal, Cosmic, Nirvanic), Third Eye Scan of the Mind for Blindspots that stop us from manifesting our highest potentials in life, Frequency of Your Consciousness Reading using Kinesiology. A Third Eye Scan does not interfere with you in any way, it is a deep look IN that reveals Spiritual Guidance for your Highest Benefit. Love Light Blessings .:. Milica