Precious Grain

Stall X16

Precious Grain offers crystal and gemstone jewellery and crystal accessories with metaphysical healing properties designed to unblock and balance your Chakras. I also trade in top quality crystals and design Tribal stone and fossil wear. My handmade jewellery and Earth Bottles are inspired by the Dandenong Ranges fusing natural materials to create pieces with earth magic and love. These little glass bottles contain collected pieces of nature like flowers, seeds, grasses, leaves, beetles, butterflies and other insects and connect us back to Earth.
Furthermore I offer my own essential Chakra oil range Precious Essence made only with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils and infused with crystals according to the relevant chakra
We also offer mini festival reiki healing sessions as well as Pendulum play-shops.
Our market stall is very tastefully decorated as i put high value on presentation from the start to the end of the festival.