Stall Y16, Y17

I'd love to bring Vesica and our ecofriendly vibe back to Rainbow for our 4th year.
The concept behind Vesica is to encourage and to help people reduce their everyday plastic footprint. 
To give people a better option to the unnecessary consumption of plastic disposable water bottles and offer products to encourage a more sustainable future. Last year was the biggest year for Vesica and Rainbow loves our products.
Our best seller it the beautiful variety of water bottle & case combos that are not only fashionable, but there sustainable, they help to keep the water cooler, encourage more water consumption and are hard-wearing.
To help further discourage more plastic consumption, Vesica has a line of biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes with soft bristles for a gentle clean.
High quality polarised, UV3 wooden and bamboo sunglasses have been a really popular product at festivals for Vesica in the last year. Made from sustainably harvested bamboo and recycled skateboard decks.