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Disability Access

Accessible Venue Statement

Rainbow Serpent Festival is committed to supporting inclusion and diversity for all festival-goers. A Disability Action Plan has been developed- with the voice of festival-goers as its major consideration. Based on feedback a range of accessibility initiatives will be rolled out over a multi-year program with the aim of enhancing access and enjoyment for the RSF community.

RSF’s Disability Action Plan can be viewed here.

RSF is held on farmland in Lexton, some areas are more accessible than others. RSF is focusing on improving access to the most popular areas of the festival, including accessible camping.


Onsite Accessibility Information Services & Supports

RSF provides several services for People with Disabilities including:

  • An Accessible Camping Crew member will attend the Accessible Camping site 24×7. Please note the Crew are not carers and are just there to generally keep an eye on things and answer questions
  • Access Team at the Information Tent will be able to answer questions on RSF accessible facilities
  • The Nest serves as place for peaceful relaxation and will also a place for people to chill out while their friends and loved ones receive care and support.
  • Rainbow Rangers have all been educated in what services and supports RSF has made available for People with Disabilities


Information for Carers

Primary Carers and Companions of People with Disabilities will be admitted free of charge when accompanying a ticket holder on provision of a Companion Card or equivalent.


Accessible Facilities

Accessible toilets are located in the Accessible Camping area and also behind the Info Tent and at the medical centre. Accessible showers are located in the Accessible Camping area. More details and complete map will be released in Janauary.


Assistance Animals

Only guide dogs, hearing dogs and assistance animals (an animal that has been trained to assist a person to alleviate the effect of their disability) are allowed onto the Festival site, including the campground.

All guide dogs, hearing dogs and trained assistance animals must be on a lead, clearly identified and with their owner always while on the Festival site. Under no circumstances are these animals to be left unattended at any time.

If you need to bring a guide dog, hearing dog or trained assistance animal onsite, you must to submit an Assistance Animal Registration Form. Please note that we will require a copy of the document showing your Proof of Assistance Animal Training or Public Access Test Pass

Note that persons with guide dogs, hearing dogs and trained assistance animals may be liable for any injury, loss, or damage caused by their assistance animal while it is on the Festival site.


Recharging Facilities

TO BE CONFIRMED: We are hoping to have 240V power available.

Contact the Access Team


Mental Health and Wellbeing Services

RSF has existing facilities throughout the village as chill out spaces (low stimuli). These include the Cocoon, the Hammocks and the Massage and Healing space.

For higher intensity mental health support, services are provided by The Nest and Medical teams


Site Accessibility Maps

Coming soon!


Rainbow Serpent Festival 2018 Accessible Camping Registration System.


Please create a single registration for each group if you are camping with a carer or companion.

We have worked hard to produce an area that makes camping at Rainbow easier and more comfortable for People with Disabilities. We want to help make everyone’s experience easier, safer and more enjoyable.

The accessible camping area will:

  • Be a designated fenced-off area located in the North Campground adjacent to the Family Camping area
  • Have a shaded communal area with tables, chairs, couches, lighting, carpet and 240v power
  • Have dedicated accessible toilets and showers that are regularly serviced
  • Have an Accessible Camping Crew member in attendance 24/7 (please note they are NOT carers, they are just there to generally keep an eye on things and answer questions.
  • We want to make sure the area is adequately resourced so if you are interested in camping within the accessible area you will need to register with us before the festival. We may have to close registrations at some stage due to the space becoming full, so best to register as soon as you can!

Please make sure you complete the questions about how many people you are camping with and how much room you think you’ll need. Space will still be somewhat limited, so please keep this in mind and bring along one shade structure per group to ensure everyone can have comfortable camp set up.

We encourage active inclusion, feel free to bring small activities or ideas to share with others.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you into our Rainbow family community!

Feel free to email Matt at with any questions or ideas.