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Environmental Walk-in Organised Camping Village (EWOC)

It’s time to ditch the car and join our deluxe Environmental Walk-in Organised Camping (EWOC) Village!

To make the whole process easier we've got a combined charter bus and festival ticket to save you the hassle of making two separate purchases. But don’t stress if you already have a separate charter bus and festival ticket you can still access our new convenient deluxe area!  Read more about the charter bus and combined bus and festival ticket here >>

Any patrons travelling by the Rainbow Serpent Charter Bus, Banana Bus, Doof Bus, V/Line and Shuttle Bus from Beaufort or Ballarat, or bicycling / walking to Rainbow is eligible to camp in the EWOC Village.

As part of our environmental strategy we’re committed to providing dedicated infrastructure and support for patrons who choose to leave their car at home in favour of catching public transport to Rainbow.

We are incredibly excited to announce the return of our EWOC (Environmental Walk-in Organised Camping) Village conveniently located close to all the action in the north campground.

We are confident by providing quality services and incentives even the biggest petrol head will soon want to join the EWOCs and leave the gas guzzler at home.

Some of the benefits include:

  1. Dedicated walk-in camping areas close to the festival space in North Camp.
  2. You won’t have to carry your bags far with the bus dropping you off close to the camp.
  3. Free communal mallets to help you erect your tent or swag.
  4. Communal shade structure where you can chill with all your new EWOC friends.
  5. Lockers available to store your items (bring your own lock please).
  6. Charging stations available for those that can’t bear to be without electronics.
  7. Free water point
  8. Daily ice van delivering to the area each morning.
  9. EWOC chiefs to help with any queries over the weekend.


To check our the various options for catching a bus to Rainbow including the new combined bus and festival ticket click here>


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