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Family Camping

Each year we work hard to produce an area that make bringing your family to Rainbow easier and more comfortable. We have noticed a significant increase in parents coming along with their children and even grandparents attending Rainbow over the last few years and we love seeing these multigenerational groups enjoying the wide range of activities. We want to help make everyone’s experience easier, safer and more enjoyable.

The family camping area will:

  • Be a designated fenced-off area located in the North Campground (directly opposite the Kids Space in the Village)
  • Have a shaded communal area with tables, chairs, couches, lighting, carpet and 240v power
  • Have dedicated toilets and showers that are regularly serviced
  • Have a Family Camping Crew member in attendance 24/7 (please note they are NOT a babysitter, they are just there to generally keep an eye on things and answer questions.
  • We want to make sure the area is adequately resourced so if you are interested in camping within the family area you will need to register with us before the festival.  We may have to close registrations at some stage due to the space becoming full, so best to register as soon as you can!

When registrations open later in the year, please make sure you complete the questions about how many people you are camping with and how much room you think you’ll need. We have listened to your feedback and want to please so we’ve increased area this year to allow shade structures in individual camps. Having said this, space will still be somewhat limited, so please keep this in mind and bring along one shade structure per group to ensure everyone can have a comfortable camp set up.

We encourage active inclusion, feel free to bring small activities or ideas to share with others.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you into our Rainbow family community!

Feel free to email Corrie at with any questions or ideas.