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Rainbow Rangers

Rainbow Ambassador Program

Rainbow Serpent festival is known for it’s people, and renowned globally for it’s community vibe no matter what music you are into.

It’s important to us to represent the wide demographic that comes each year and to provide education and community development for both new and seasoned patrons about the principles that drive the Rainbow Serpent ethos. In 2013 we began the Rainbow Ambassador program, and in it’s third year now, we are excited to increase and develop this initiative which provides a new avenue for communication and cooperation between the festival and you, via friendly and colourful Rainbow Serpent people who move through campgrounds to make your day awesome!

We will primarily be focussing on the following areas:

• Being an active observer and participant in looking after your fellow Rainbowites!
• Waste Management initiatives and targets – how to keep our festival clean and healthy.
• Nurturing the Rainbow community spirit
• Impaired Driving Prevention



Helper Stations

Helper Stations are an important point of contact between the festival and you!
They are open 24/7 and located in both north, south and east campgrounds.

Providing access to First Aid, Safety, Security and Information. It’s a supportive, chilled out and comfortable grounding point for when you:

  • Need some immediate festival service or help. (For you or someone else.)
  • Need to get your bearings.
  • Have had too much and need space and time to regroup.
  • Need some festival info.
  • Helper Stations offers a safe, informative and peaceful place to temporarily come and take refuge from the hustle and bustle of a busy festival. Helper Stations – keeping it unreal in the campgrounds!


Looking out for your mates

Rainbow Serpent is more than ‘just’ a music festival. We are fortunate to belong to a creative, diverse and transformational community bonded by a common love of music and the arts and most especially each other.

In 2012 we lost a loved member of our Rainbow family. Daniel Buccianti had been attending Rainbow for a number of years and we know from his family he loved our vibrant and welcoming community. We want the tragic passing of Daniel to be a catalyst for change and growth. We need you all to take extra care of yourselves and each other. We NEVER want this to happen again…. EVER!

Rainbow Serpent can be a challenging environment. If you see somebody you suspect could be in trouble, physically or emotionally, don’t keep walking. Take on the shared responsibility of caring for our community and stop to ask if the person is okay.

Medical staff are available 24 hours. Be aware of their location and do not hesitate to get help when required. If needed send a passer-by for assistance. Do not leave a person in distress alone at any time. The loving kindness of even a stranger can make a world of difference.

Check on, and in with, your festival crew regularly and make sure your neighbours are safe too. The worst that can result from a caring attitude is that you make new friends.

Rainbow Serpent is committed to improving communication and education at our festival. The Rainbow Ambassadors program is desinged to assist and encourage everyone to fully embrace the Rainbow spirit and take an active part in caring for our community.

Abuse of substances and alcohol is a serious ongoing issue for everyone in the wider community (Rainbow included). Our amazing Lifestyle Village was created as a space for developing self-awareness and gaining the required tools for making wise decisions in life. We spend a great deal of energy each year creating a broad and enlightening program and encourage everyone to take advantage of the collective wisdom within this beautiful space.

There will be an increased police and security presence at Rainbow. Illicit drug use is not condoned and Victorian authorities have the resources available to conduct car searches and use drug detection dogs at festivals and events.

Please let’s all work together and make Rainbow a safe and fun weekend for everyone.

Roping off space at Rainbow

As we’ve mentioned in earlier newsletters, our Rainbow Ambassador program aims to provide a method of communication and assistance between the festival and you, our community. One of the three areas our ambassadors will be working with you on is a change in attitude towards roping of space in the camp areas.

Firstly let’s look at our policy, so everyone is clear on how this works.

If you want to 100% save space for friends, the best thing to do is bring their tents with you and pitch them. You cannot SAVE space with a rope or tape, you can only REQUEST space. The only way of guaranteeing space is by having either a tent or tarp erected.

If there is a roped off area and plenty of comparable camping space still available respect the rope. If things are getting tight, be polite and introduce yourself to your new neighbours.
Anyone who fights over space at Rainbow is missing what our festival is about. You could be losing an opportunity to make lasting friendships, meet future partners or just have an amazing time with someone new. So open yourselves up to random opportunities and let’s start welcoming people into our neighbourhoods.

We hope to see encouraging changes in neighbour relations and our Rainbow Ambassadors will be roaming the campgrounds happy to help with any questions you may have.



Rubbish and Waste


In 2012 we produced an average of 5.16kgs of landfill waste and 1.39kgs of recyclable and reusable materials per person. 2011‘s event produced an average of 3.75kgs of landfill waste and 3.25kgs of recyclable and reusable materials.

Around 74 tonnes of waste went to landfill (imagine 74 Volkswagen beetles in weight), this was much more than previous years due to all the sofas, mattresses, tents, and carpet left in the campground

Comparably 17 tonnes of recyclables were collected. 2.5 tonnes of organics were composted on site.
Cleaning up our home post RSF2012 took a massive 1400 manpower hours. (That’s one person working for almost two months non stop!)



We want waste management to become a true collaborative effort, so we’re going to introduce a few changes to try and help make 2015 the cleanest Rainbow yet!

Our waste stations will be better positioned so you walk past them on the major thoroughfares to and from our high traffic areas. You will also be easily able to locate waste stations with our specially designed highly visible flags. This means you’ll always know where to walk to find the correct home for you rubbish.

Secondly, we will have two defined clean up sessions each day. One in the morning and the second just before dusk. With everyone contributing during these sessions our beautiful festival site will remain clean and fresh over the weekend and that by taking an active role, we’ll all be less likely to litter.

If you do bring couches, mattresses and carpet it’s your responsibility to take it away when you leave and remember to separate your waste at the campsite and drop off recycling at the points provided within the campgrounds.

These are simple initiatives that we truly think can make an amazing difference for future Rainbows and have been created as a direct response to your feedback over the last few years. We would like to thank all of you who have written us emails or expressed your thoughts on social media.