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Why we ban stuff

No Fires

Hopefully most Australians would realise why this is required but for our international visitors perhaps an explanation is warranted. Australia is an extremely dry country during summer with the potential for catastrophic fire conditions including strong hot dry winds. If a fire was to get out of control in one of Rainbow’s camping areas the resulting loss of property and potentially life doesn’t bare thinking about. It is also part of our permit conditions imposed by council and authorities that this ban is in place.


No Pets

Again, should be obvious, but just in case this is why.

  • Neighbouring farm animals require some protection from the potential of a wandering dog.
  • No one likes dog shit on their shoes or bare feet.
  • Animals can bite when they are scared or confronted.
  • Even the friendliest animal can react out of character when in an unusual situation.


No Glass

If 10,000 people all bring glass, there will be breakages, there will be cut feet and there will be a long lasting negative effect on the environment and the resident wildlife long after we have left the site. We want to protect you, the environment and the animals that live around our home for the rest of the year. It really requires only a little effort to either buy drink in cans, or decant into plastic.


No Gas Bottles

Same as our “No Fires Rule”. If a fire was to break out in the middle of the camping area the damage could be devastating. In 2012 some people decided it would be a good idea to smuggle in a BBQ and gas bottle which ended up burning down a number of other peoples tents and property before the fire was brought under control. This ban is also part of our permit conditions with council and emergency services.

Please note if your gas bottle is part of a professionally installed Caravan or Campervan etc. the ban doesn’t apply.


Rainbow Serpent Festival Area is a NOS Free Zone!

We have tried since 2012 to encourage more responsible behaviour with nitrous bulbs, the potential health impact and resulting rubbish makes completely banning NOS an attractive proposition. It is not cool or okay for people to be stumbling around the festival area sucking on balloons and leaving spent bulbs on the ground. It’s not okay for people to leave boxes of spent bulbs on the ground at their campsites either.

Last year there was still a considerable number of spent bulbs found around the festival area and the spent cartridges found in the campsite areas was once again disgusting.

We have decided to extend the ban on nitros to the whole site including campgrounds. Anyone caught with bulbs or paraphernalia will have them confiscated immediately.



Drones! As much as we understand how excited people are to fly drones, Rainbow Serpent Festival is not the place to do it. Apart from the privacy issue and the inherent danger of flying a multi rotored machine above large crowds, we just don’t want to see numerous buzzing drones flying around Rainbow everywhere. Consequently drones of any kind are not permitted at Rainbow. People who are caught flying them will have them confiscated immediately.