Charter Bus Services

As part of our environmental strategy and to help reduce our carbon footprint Rainbow has two ticket types available aimed at encouraging attendees to take our Charter Bus service to and from the festival:

Charter Bus Return tickets $48 +BF
Combo Charter Bus & Festival passes $445 +BF (incl. 1 x discounted festival pass and 1 x Charter Bus Return ticket)

The Charter Bus tickets are subsidised by our Vehicle Pass revenue which allows us to offer additional timetables and provisions while keeping the cost down for this hassle free service.

For more information please visit:

Also available are private bus services to Rainbow:

Banana Bus services from locations all around Melbourne. Check out a location near you. 

The Doof Bus offers coach services from Central Sydney.

All bus services allow access to the EWOC Village (Environmental Walk-In Camping) which provides bus travellers with a comfortable and convenient area with a communal shade structure and other benefits. Registrations to our EWOC Village will open soon.