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Look After Your Mates

Rainbow Serpent Festival is a celebration of life, nature, music, art and community.

For many, Rainbow is a positive and life changing experience that becomes an annual pilgrimage. However, on January 29th 2012 at 1.30am we tragically lost a member of our community when Daniel Buccianti passed away in his tent after complications arising from prescription medications. Daniel’s loss created a void that can never be filled for his family, friends and our Rainbow community. The 34 year old is remembered as a loving son, brother, uncle and friend who worked hard, was liked by all and had a cheeky personality.

We were all moved to tears in 2013 as Daniel’s brave mother, Adriana Buccianti, opened our main stage with a tribute to her son and a simple plea to the Rainbow community: Look After Your Mates.

Adriana has become a valued member of our Rainbow family and we continue to work with her to prevent any mother, any family and any friends ever enduring such profound loss again: Look After Your Mates!

Sadly in 2017 we lost another member of our community when Jacob Langford passed away after an accidental poisoning.

We are not just individuals in a shared space but a community, an entity, a collective of like-minded souls who care, really care: Look After Your Mates!

Rainbow can be a challenging environment. If you see somebody in the festival grounds you suspect could be in trouble, physically or emotionally, don’t keep walking: Look After Your Mates (even those you have yet to meet).

  • Stop and ask if the person is ok,
  • Do not leave a person in distress alone at any time,
  • Send a passer-by for assistance if required,
  • Do not move a person who is physically injured,
  • Calmly reassure the patient until help arrives.
  • The loving kindness of a new friend can make the world of difference when experiencing difficult circumstances.

Check the festival map to familiarise yourself with the location of first aid, our info tent and the campsite Helper Huts!

Be Empowered - Learn About The Risks!

It’s up to each individual to practice self-care. While we have amazing services and people on site that can help with advice and education it really is up to each individual to take responsibility and learn about the risks associated with festivals including any substance they are planning to ingest.

We encourage you to click the following links to learn how to make your festival experience safer and healthier.

10 Pillars Of Festival Safety

To increase your likelihood of having a great time at this beautiful festival and reduce the risk that you will experience a health disturbance, please follow our 10 Pillars of Festival Safety:
Click here >>

Substances / Driver Impairment & Police

Victoria Police will be conducting operations within the surrounding area targeting impaired driving and searching for illicit substances with sniffer dogs. If you are caught in possession of, or caught selling illegal substances the consequences can be life changing.
Click here >>

DanceWize - Harm Reduction Victoria

DanceWize (formerly known as RaveSafe) is a program that utilises a peer education model to reduce drug and alcohol related harm at Victorian dance parties, festivals and nightclubs.
Click here>>

Alcohol & Drug Foundation

Celebrating more than 55 years of service to the community, the Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF) is Australia’s leading organisation committed to preventing alcohol and other drug harms in our communities.
Click here >>


A Message From Adriana Buccianti – January 2018

Every year I seem to ask the same thing – the end of the year is over and how can that be? Christmas and New Year are done and here we are again, it’s Rainbow time!

It’s Rainbow time indeed. I have heard this sentence so many times over the years as Daniel’s birthday falls on the 19th of January. Rainbow was always Dan’s birthday present gift to himself and a time to feel happy and free, Rainbow was a marker for the year ahead. Four days in the bush with nothing more than the music he loved, fun, fresh air, the moon and stars. The tribal mentality of the beautiful crowd and the feeling of belonging and togetherness. The same sense of community that keeps people coming back each year.

These special connections are what Dan loved about Rainbow. I know the feeling of being home and part of this extended community all too well now, having attended for the last four years (soon to be five).

As the 19th of Jan fast approaches, I wonder where these 40 years went. Yes folks, Dan would have been 40 years old this year, a milestone birthday much like Rainbow turning 21. He should be here with us all to celebrate but, tragically, the universe had other ideas and instead I’m here to talk to you all about the importance of self-care, harm minimisation and drug law reform.

As Rainbow celebrates 21 years, I know that Dazzle’s spirit will be at there with all of you having a great time. Have a dance for Dan and consider how important you all are to the people who love you. Be who and what you want to be without judgement and have fun just being in the moment but also please take care because there are risks among the fun and frivolity.

I so wish that this year we could say loud and proud the Victorian government had acknowledged the overwhelming evidence from overseas and drug testing was available on site to provide those who are going to take a drug with some level of knowledge about what they are going to consume.

However, sadly this is not to be. As I read of all the wonderful milestones in drug policy that are happening across the globe, I am perplexed at the continued back water mentality of our so called “leaders” when it comes to something so serious as saving lives.

So many countries have come to understand that drugs are sadly an inevitable reality of life and no matter what level of policing, arresting and demonising approach is taken they are not going anywhere.

It is now understood by so many that harm reduction is the way forward. Ineffective strategies such as PAD Dogs have been identified by experts as potetially dangerous that can create a terrible situation where some people will take their substances all at once to avoid detection.

Until such time as we see a change in legislation to scrap these attempts to intimidate people from taking drugs I beg you all, should you ever be confronted with a sniffer dog please do not panic and don’t be scared. Stay calm and know your rights, no one is going to judge you at Rainbow.

I wish you all a happy 21st Rainbow have fun but go home to the ones who love you.

Much love

Adriana Buccianti